Fiesta Rusc de Turisme en el Partybus


FlaixFM, the leading radio station in Catalonia, celebrated its corporate dinner coinciding with its 25th anniversary, last Wednesday, December 13 in Barcelona. When leaving the dinner, the Partybus was waiting for them! Andreu Presas was in charge of animating the party by playing the themes that have most played during these 25 years of history. After the party on wheels, we finished the tour at the Sutton nightclub, where Flaix festa was prepared with international dj’s, like Jax Jones. A great night to remember with the whole team of Flaix!

Thanks for trusting us guys! 🙂

Bulin47, Artista urbano de Reaggeton y Dembow Dominicano

Bulin47, urban artist of Reaggeton and Dominican Dembow. He chose Barcelona to record one of his video clips last November. Some of his songs and humor videos already have more than 10,000,000 visits. The video clip has been recorded on the Partybus and in our brand-new Pink Hummer limousine. In just two days it reaches 200,000 visits. Surely reach several million …

The song does not say much … But we like the images that have been left! 🙂